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Drive a rental car & keep Covid-19 in check

Since Covid-19 happened to the world, a quick realization has set in of how cars are the best and safest mode of transportation to explore a destination. After all, a car ensures you are not coming in contact with anybody as you travel. And, that’s such a relief. Hence, the demand for rental cars has increased. And, with Lookbyfare by your side, you’d be booking a rental car with all the precautionary measures in place, as well as have all the updated information on renting a car, changing or canceling travel plans during these trying times.

Stay on this page to find all the relevant information to manage your rental car booking with Lookbyfare during the outbreak of Cororonvirus.

Are you planning to rent a car?

Taking booking requests round the clock and allowing the ease of cancelation at no extra charge, at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up date and time, Lookbyfare should be your go-to when planning to book a rental car. With the possibility of cancelation or rescheduling, booking with us is as fuss-free as it gets.

Do you want to change your rental car booking?

In the event of a rental car already booked, there’s still room for making changes to the time of travel at least 48 before the scheduled pick-up. No matter the reason for the change in the booking, it can always be processed over the call. However, please keep in mind that although there is no penalty fee as such for making changes to the rental car booking, rental rates may vary.

Have you purchased Full Protection Insurance?

Please be informed that canceling rental car booking automatically leads to the cancelation of Full Protection Insurance. In such a case, the amount paid for the insurance premium shall be refunded.

Is it even safe to book a rental car during COVID-19?

Lookbyfare has always extended its support to ensure that our customers remain safe and secure. And, during such uncertain times, the concern is even more. To ensure that the rental car companies we work with also are doing their part in keeping our customers safe, we are only listing those that are practicing the highest standards of hygiene necessary to contain the spread of Covid-19. So, you can rest assured that when you decide to book a rental car with us, you’re not only choosing the safest mode of transport at this point in time but also through rental car companies that follow all the precautionary measures right from the rental counter pick-up formalities to when the key is dropped off.

Rental car companies are taking all the necessary precautions to help fight Covid-19.

Measures taken at the rental counter: PPE kits have been ordered and stored in bulk and are encouraged to be used by the customers and employees. Reminders to maintain social distance has been put up, in and around the rental car office. Communication across the rental desk is only permitted through protective screens. Cleaning of the surfaces, at frequent intervals, with only health industry certified sanitizing products is mandated.

Measures taken inside the car: After each and every rental booking, cars are disinfected thoroughly especially around high touchpoints that include gearsticks, steering wheels, door handles, and seats. In the event a car is detected as infected by the virus, the booking for that particular vehicle is completely suspended until the mandatory quarantine period.

Through it all, it is imperative to keep in mind that the nature of the virus is changing, therefore there are regular updates and guidelines published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), and local governments from all over the world. Consequently, rental car companies are regularly updating their policies and adopting measures to ensure the safety of customers, which may at times result in a change of the upcoming booking.