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Cookie Policy

We’ve always put our customers first. Our topmost priority is to make sure that we provide worthwhile travels to our customers. That’s why we make the effort to pay attention and listen to the needs of our customers in order to come up with a website which is engaging, user-savvy and is equipped with all the requirements. And, one of the many ways to do so is by using cookies.

If you’re not aware of what cookies are or what role they play, pay attention, for this page will tell you everything pertaining to cookies that you should know and will teach you how to manage them on your system. Let's begin with the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


  1. What is a cookie?

  2. Why does Lookbyfare use cookies?

  3. What cookies does Lookbyfare use?

  4. How can you manage cookies?

  5. What are Online Behavioural Advertising Cookies?

  6. How to contact us?

1. What is a cookie?

To put simply, a cookie is a file containing small pieces of data which is sent from our website and is stored on your mobile device or computer system to help ensure that you get the best possible experience when you browse through our website.

2. Why does Lookbyfare use cookies?

Cookies help us in improving the content, functionality and speed of our website whilst their tracking ability helps us in understanding your likes and dislikes in a better way. This means, as a result, we can respond promptly and make our website adapt accordingly.

At Lookbyfare, we use cookies because we give importance and value to your time. We want to be certain that the time you spend accessing our website is as much useful and instinctive as possible.

When no cookie placement is utilized, a website is not able to remember your registration details and preferences upon your next visit. For instance, when you allow us to store cookies in your web browser, you won't have to recall your username every time you log in – cookies help us in remembering the said information for you.

Cookies also allow us to highlight the destinations in which the visitors like you may have an interest. Once we are aware of that, we are able to show you the bookings that are made by most of the travellers as well as the latest deals and offers on travel packages and destinations. You never know when you might be in need of some motivation.

The important aspect to remember in regard to all of this, however, is that while some of the cookies are utilized to track your usage of our website, they can’t be used to collect your personal information or identify you in person.

3. What cookies does Lookbyfare use?

First and third-party cookies

There are a lot of different kinds of cookies and at Lookbyfare, we make use of all of them. The cookies that are set by us are known as 'first-party cookies' while those set by our suppliers and partners are called 'third-party cookies'.
The third-party cookies enable visitors accessing our website to view and interact with the content, such as advertisements and videos provided to us by other companies. The same types of cookies are also of help to us in case of website analytics. More information on the same will be provided later.

Session and persistent cookies

Like most of other websites, we also make use of 'session cookies', which exist for only that duration of time in which you visit our website. These cookies are deleted once you close your web browser. As long as 'permanent cookies' are concerned, which are also known as 'persistent cookies', they remain stored on your web browser ready to be used the next time you pay a visit to our website.

Essential cookies

These cookies are required to help you access secure areas, like your customer account pages, and other convenient features. Essential cookies are vital because you cannot access the said services without them.

Performance and functionality cookies

These cookies make sure to display the handy features, like maps and videos on the website. We love to use them because they help in enhancing the functionality and performance of our website. We want that the time you spend on our website should be both engaging and useful.

Analytics and customization cookies

We utilize analytics and customization cookies to collect information about the use of our website, by the visitors, and to gauge how effective our marketing campaigns are. We also make use of the data to customize our website and make the content as relevant as possible for you to access and use.

Advertising cookies

We use advertising cookies to be certain that we only show you the advertisements and messages that we believe you may want to see. The cookies also help us to constrain the number of times you view the same advertisement; ensuring that the advert is displayed properly.

Social networking cookies

Social networking cookies, as the name suggests, allow visitors like you to share our website pages and its content via third party social networking websites.

4. How can you manage cookies?

We hope that now you are feeling less apprehensive and more confident about the cookies, and how we make use of them at to enhance your website experience. We know, however, that you may want to manage your cookies on your own every now and then. So, following are some tips:

You can re-set or modify your web browser settings to accept or deny the cookies at any point of time you like, but kindly take note that if you choose to deny the cookies, your access to some of the functions and areas of our website may get constrained.

By opting for our cookie policy, you allow us to:

  • show you relevant adverts, content, and emails that we believe you would want to see

  • collect the data so we can enhance your website experience

  • share the information about your usage of our website with analytic partners and third-party advertisers

  • enable you to earn as well as redeem reward points (if applicable)

  • display your bundled savings (if applicable)

Most of the advertising networks provide a way to opt out of targeted and online behavioural advertising. If you'd like to have more information about how to opt out of the same, pay visit to Your Online Choices website.

5. What are the Online Behavioural Advertising Cookies?

Lookbyfare adheres to the principles of European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA). For further information on EDAA, you can pay visit to the EDAA website. If you have got any query or complaint regarding our usage of online behavioural advertising cookies, kindly make use of the details provided in the ‘How to contact us?’ segment below.

For further information pertaining to what sort of information is gathered and how it is utilized, please go through the Privacy Policy.

Lookbyfare does not process any sensitive personal data for the purpose of online behavioural advertising. We do not target anyone on our website that is below 16 years of age, neither in general nor for the online behavioural advertising purposes.

6. How to contact us?

If you have got any queries or concerns in regard to our usage of your personal information, please feel free to contact us through our Privacy Section on our customer services page or alternatively, you can also send us an email at [email protected], or give us a call on +1-248-274-7239 to get in touch with our customer care executive.

You’re now acquainted with almost everything you need to know in regard to Cookies.