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With picture-perfect beaches and cozy weather, it?s no wonder that Cancun has become the go-to beach destination for many travelers. The coral blue waters and the cloud speckled sunny skies of this Mexican city warm up the souls of visitors. Though primarily a beach bum magnet, Cancun also gets visitors who throng to the city to explore the ancient ruins left behind by the mysterious Mayan civilization.

Hotels in Cancun

An important part of the ?Cancun experience? is its great hotels that are known for its hospitality. Whether you?re looking for budget hotels or luxury ones, you?re bound to find a hotel in Cancun that suits your pocket and your accommodation needs.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Cancun?

Depending on the type of hotel you choose for your stay, a night's stay in a Cancun hotel could cost anywhere between $50 and $260.

Which are the hotels located near the airport?

A number of great hotels grace the area near Cancun International Airport. Some of the best ones are-

What are the major attractions in Cancun?

Known for having abundant natural beauty, Cancun's attractions comprise mostly of outdoor spots with breathtaking vistas. However, there are also museums, archaeological sites and flea markets for the ones who want to explore the heart and soul of the city. Some of the not to be missed attractions include-

What is the best way to travel around in the city?

Being a major tourist destination means that the public transportation system in Cancun is pretty well-equipped. On your Cancun trip, you would have the following options of transportation-